Protecting your data is our top priority.

Bloomberg Tax Technology adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level of the Income Tax Planner Web experience. We use the same technologies used by financial institutions, stock brokers, and retail vendors, and we invest heavily in the security and resiliency of our entire business operation.

Several Layers of Security

 Data Encryption

All Data is Encrypted

Stored data is encrypted twice using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), first at the file level and again at the database level. When data is transmitted to, or received from, Income Tax Planner Web servers, all authentication and data encryption employs Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2).

User Authentication

Valid User Credentials Are Required

Users must enter a valid username and password for authentication. Subscription Administrators have the option of enabling Two-factor Authentication, requiring users to enter a verification code that is sent to users via email or cell phone.

Automated Data Protection Protocols

Client Confidentiality Is Protected

All client plans shared with the Bloomberg Tax Technology Customer Support team are automatically stripped of all your client's personal data and automatically rendered in read-only format. This ensures your clients' confidentiality and it ensures the integrity of your clients' data.

Robust Firewall

Access To Network Resources Is Controlled

Bloomberg Tax Technology servers reside behind a robust firewall that selectively grants access to network resources. Unwelcome intruders such as hackers and malicious software are blocked at the entry point, keeping our network resources safe and secure.

Firm-wide Controls

Subscription Administrators control user sign-in policies, policies surrounding the distribution of client plans outside of the application, and other firm-wide policies. Subscription Administrators can specify the number of sign-in attempts users are allowed before being locked out, and they can increase the level of user authentication by making the password policies more restrictive and by requiring the use of verification codes for system access (see Two-factor Authentication).

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Bloomberg Tax Technology provides comprehensive audit trails for nearly every action or activity that occurs within Income Tax Planner Web. Subscription Administrators can track account actions, sharing activity between users, and more.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Bloomberg Tax Technology understands the importance of protecting the privacy of your information. We maintain security standards and procedures designed to protect Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information. As industry best practices evolve, we will continue to test and update our technology to maintain our ability to protect Customer Information and other Personally Identifiable Information.